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I have learned tons in [drafting this RICO claim]. This is much harder than I realized and your attention to detail is simply amazing.

Daniel Perry, Esq. – Orlando, Florida

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You’re a guru– a couple words out of you and things click for me.

Thomas Ogden, Esq., Pasadena, California – California Certified Tax Law Specialist and Certified Appellate Law Specialist

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Your consultation was very helpful… You and your book have provided valuable insight into our RICO claims.

Jerome Reinan, Esq.  – Denver, Colorado

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I thought you would enjoy a war story. We deposed [John Doe] (ex-con, con-artist, general bad guy, etc.) two weeks ago. His attorney directed him to not answer most questions, stating any competent attorney knows that RICO claims cannot be brought in state court. I just love it when the big firms are certain that they know everything. The attorney has since changed his mind and is trying to determine what to do. Grell on RICO is great!

Michael Gregg Morin, Esq. – Severn, Maryland

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I would like to thank you for your publication, Grell on RICO… Your writing is such that one can start to have a good grasp of RICO from the reading of the first several chapters… Your treatise is one of the few, if not only, treatise I have encountered in my search which makes RICO understandable.

Thomas Spielbauer, Esq. – San Jose, California


GRELL ON RICO is a practical guide to common claims and defenses arising under the RICO Act. GRELL ON RICO includes all of the information contained on this website and more. Its 600 pages include edited court opinions, commentary, helpful charts and graphs, and the text of the RICO Act. Available in hardcopy or PDF. The textbook was last updated in 2018.  The book is also available on Amazon.

Call 612-353-5530 to order a hard copy ($62.00) or  PDF copy ($40.00).  Shipping is approximately $10.00 for the hard copy. Credit cards accepted.