I have learned tons in [drafting this RICO claim]. This is much harder than I realized and your attention to detail is simply amazing. – Daniel Perry, Esq., Orlando, Florida

You’re a guru– a couple words out of you and things click for me. – Thomas Ogden, Esq., Pasadena, California – California Certified Tax Law Specialist and Certified Appellate Law Specialist 

“I highly recommend Jeff Grell as a mediator.  He successfully mediated a case for me in which the parties had built up decades of animosity and had radically different views of the facts.  But by listening to each side carefully, offering his evaluation of the claims, and thinking creatively about ways to bridge the gap, Jeff was able to resolve the dispute.” – Liz Kramer, Shareholder at Leonard, Street and Deinard, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Your consultation was very helpful…  You and your book have provided valuable insight into our RICO claims.”  – Jerome Reinan, Esq. – Denver, Colorado

The following comments appeared in the student reviews forJeff’s RICO class at the University of Minnesota:

  • “Excellent.  Very passionate teaching.”
  • “Empowering.”
  • “About as fun as a law school course could ever be.”
  • “Everyone seemed pretty blown away.”
  • “He definitely has his own unique style which was really refreshing.”
  • “Probably should take his current salary and double it.”
  • “I really enjoyed the class and professor.  I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in RICO, and I don’t think you could find anyone more qualified to teach it.”